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SAP Payroll and Core HR Modules

SAP Employee Central, Payroll, Service Centre, and Visa & Permits Management

Start with the Employee Central core, or combine with additional modules as your HR processes grow.

SAP Employee Central

The core of SAP SuccessFactors empowers HR managers to:

  • ensure compliance with embedded localisation
  • standardise HR processes globally with best-practices
  • provide fast access to important tasks on all devices with self-service processes
  • use embedded analytics for real-time workforce insights
  • streamline your recruiting, enable succession planning, improve workforce planning
  • use real-time insights into premiums, overtime, and balances to improve productivity
  • allow employees to enroll, manage, and claim benefits globally, and leverage centralised benefits reporting

 SAP Employee Central Payroll

  • get detailed data to assess and remediate payroll exceptions whenever required
  • use embedded localisation to streamline payroll globally
  • manage legal changes to payroll requirements with periodic feature updates, along with built-in auditing capabilities

SAP Employee Central Service Centre

  • use the Ask HR system to provide employees with accurate information, enabling them to write a ticket, place a call, start a chat session, or write an e-mail within the system
  • make fast adjustments to employee records and give HR service representatives access to relevant employee information
  • get reports and insights into employee interactions, such as service-level agreements, frequently-raised issues, bottlenecks, and the quality of their resolutions

SAP Visa and Permits Management

  • manage visa and permits processes in accordance with local requirements or legal restraints
  • enable recruiting in compliance with government limits
  • audit and gain insights into visa and permits processes

SAP Learning and Development

SAP SuccessFactors Learning and SAP Enable Now

Add extra modules to increase employee productivity and deliver cost-effective training.

SAP Learning

  • make employees more motivated and productive with new skills and sharing of ideas
  • benefit from extended enterprise environments for partners, customers, and the extended business network
  • automate and assure compliance-training to regulate, qualify, and certify employees Succession and Development
  • identify current and potential HR gaps, search and suggest candidates for critical roles, and create talent pools to build up intellectual capital
  • use intelligent career and development planning to encourage mobility and foster employee growth
  • assess employee potential accurately to identify, develop, and retain your talent with easy-to-use calibration tools

SAP Enable Now

  • create, maintain, and deliver performance support, learning material, and documentation content
  • deliver training content across devices so learning can take place anywhere
  • enjoy cost- and time-effective training
  • reproduce one piece of content easily across many formats, including video, animations, or interactive software simulations

SAP Performance and Compensation

SAP SuccessFactors Performance and Compensation

Add extra modules to predict employees’ success and adjust pay to your finance goals.

SAP Performance

  • use a Goal Library of more than 500 SMART goals
  • update employee effort and success probability on a continuous basis
  • set cascading goals and view progress for individuals, teams, or company-wide
  • keep constant, goal-aligned updates between managers and employees
  • use “Ask for Feedback” and 360 Reviews for a balanced view of performance
  • give content guidance and insightful feedback with Writing Assistant and Coaching Advisor
  • identify high- and low-performers with Team Rater and Team Overview

SAP Compensation

  • intelligent compensation modelling to optimise budgets,
  • find the best balance of business strategy, competitive pay, and affordability with forecasting and modelling
  • leverage calibration tools to objectively tie performance to pay
  • make award categories for particular behaviours that you want to encourage

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